About The Song

Released in 1959, A Big Hunk o’ Love arrived during a pivotal time in Elvis’ career. Fresh out of the army, he was ready to reclaim his throne as the king of rock and roll. This song, a high-octane rocker, showcased his undeniable charisma and the raw energy that had captivated audiences just a few years prior.

Now, some of you might remember the simpler times when music wasn’t about complex lyrics or layered production. A Big Hunk o’ Love is a breath of fresh air in that regard. It’s a straightforward plea from a lovesick Elvis, one that resonates with its endearing earnestness. The lyrics are playful, with Elvis calling his sweetheart a “natural born beehive” filled with “honey to the top.” That playful imagery, combined with the driving rhythm section, creates a song that’s both fun and infectious.

But beneath the playful exterior lies a genuine desire for affection. Elvis isn’t asking for the moon and the stars; he simply wants a “big a big a big a hunk o’ love.” It’s a relatable sentiment, a yearning for connection that transcends generations.

A Big Hunk o’ Love wasn’t just a hit song; it became a signature tune for Elvis. He often revisited it during his live shows, much to the delight of his adoring fans. The song’s energy translated perfectly to the stage, showcasing Elvis’s electrifying stage presence and his ability to connect with the audience on a personal level.

So, put on your blue suede shoes, crank up the volume, and let yourself be swept away by the irresistible charm of A Big Hunk o’ Love. It’s a reminder of a simpler time in music, a time when Elvis Presley ruled the airwaves with his undeniable talent and a whole lot of heart.