About The Song

Remember the early days of rock and roll? The raw energy, the uninhibited performances, and the music that seemed to pulse with a rebellious spirit? Elvis Presley’s “Raw Desire (Dirty Dirty Feeling)” offers a glimpse into that electrifying era, a song that captures the King at his most unrestrained, channeling a primal energy that’s both intoxicating and infectious.

Released in 1960, most likely intended for but ultimately left off the soundtrack for the film Flaming Star, “Raw Desire (Dirty Dirty Feeling)” stands out from Elvis’s more mainstream recordings. This isn’t the polished Elvis of later years. Here, we hear a rawer version of the King, channeling the bluesy, rockabilly roots that fueled his early rise to fame.

The song itself is a frenetic, blues-tinged rocker, driven by a relentless rhythm section and Scotty Moore’s searing guitar work. The energy is palpable from the first note, pulling the listener into the heart of a live performance.

The lyrics paint a picture of raw desire – a “dirty dirty feeling” that demands to be unleashed. Lines like “Can’t hold it in no more” and “Gotta shake it loose” showcase the unbridled energy and the yearning for release that defined rock and roll in its early days. Elvis delivers these lyrics with a growl and a sneer, his voice perfectly capturing the rawness of the song’s emotion.

Musically, there are no complex arrangements or elaborate orchestrations here. “Raw Desire (Dirty Dirty Feeling)” is all about capturing the raw energy of a live performance. The focus is on Elvis’s electrifying vocals, the driving rhythm section, and Scotty Moore’s blistering guitar work.

“Raw Desire (Dirty Dirty Feeling)” might not be a chart-topping hit, but it’s a song that offers a glimpse into a different side of Elvis Presley. It’s a reminder of his raw talent, his ability to channel a primal energy, and the electrifying spirit that made him the King of Rock and Roll. So, crank up the volume, close your eyes, and let Elvis transport you back to the early days of rock and roll with “Raw Desire (Dirty Dirty Feeling)”.