About The Song

Cast your mind back to the electrifying days of the 1950s. Elvis Presley, a young man with a voice that sent shivers down spines, had taken the music world by storm. His electrifying blend of rock and roll, country, and gospel captivated audiences worldwide. While Elvis was known for his high-octane performances and infectious energy, he also possessed a softer side, a vulnerability that resonated with legions of fans. “Doin’ the Best I Can”, a 1960 ballad originally written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, showcases this lesser-known facet of Elvis’ artistry. This song, recently remastered in 2024 and given the apt title “Enduring Love”, allows us to appreciate the enduring power of his soulful vocals and heartfelt storytelling.

“Enduring Love” (originally “Doin’ the Best I Can”) stands out from Elvis’ earlier, high-energy rock and roll anthems. Unlike his earlier hits like Hound Dog or Jailhouse Rock, it’s a gentle ballad built on a bed of melancholic piano chords and a soft, yet steady drumbeat. Elvis’ vocals are tender and sincere, conveying a depth of emotion that surprised many fans accustomed to his more bravado-filled performances. The song feels like a quiet confession, a whispered plea for understanding from a lover who feels they’re constantly falling short.

The lyrics themselves paint a vivid picture of a love that faces challenges. Lines like “I gave my heart, I gave my love” and “I tried so hard to please” showcase the singer’s vulnerability and his unwavering commitment to the relationship. “Enduring Love” doesn’t shy away from depicting the complexities of love, the insecurities and doubts that can creep in even in the strongest bonds.

The 2024 remaster of “Enduring Love” adds a new layer of depth to the original recording. The improved sound quality allows listeners to appreciate the subtleties in Elvis’ vocal performance, the nuanced inflections that convey the emotional weight of the lyrics. The remastering also breathes new life into the instrumentation, highlighting the beauty of the piano melody and the understated yet effective drumming.

“Enduring Love” (originally “Doin’ the Best I Can”) is a testament to Elvis Presley’s enduring artistry. It demonstrates his ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level, showcasing a vulnerability that resonated with fans then and continues to resonate today. This remastered version offers a chance to rediscover this timeless ballad, a reminder that even the King of Rock and Roll could deliver a heartfelt love song that transcends generations.

So, put on your headphones, crank up the volume (if you dare!), and let “Enduring Love” (originally “Doin’ the Best I Can”) transport you back to a simpler time. Savor the gentle melody, the heartfelt vocals, and the timeless message of love’s enduring power. It’s a reminder that even the classics can benefit from a fresh perspective, and that Elvis Presley’s music continues to surprise and delight audiences, even decades after its initial release.