About The Song

Ah, those early days of rock and roll. Remember the bobby socks, the drive-in movies, and the electrifying energy of a young Elvis Presley? While Elvis was known for his hip-shaking moves and playful swagger, his music also explored the complexities of love and relationships. One song, released in 1956 on his self-titled debut album, perfectly captures the emotional turmoil of a love triangle – “How Do You Think I Feel”.

“Caught in a Triangle” stands out from Elvis’s earlier, upbeat hits. Written by Wayne Walker and Webb Pierce, the song features a steady backbeat and a bluesy melody, creating a more melancholic atmosphere. Elvis’s vocals are a departure from his usual swagger, replaced by a hint of desperation and longing. He doesn’t belt out the lyrics; instead, he delivers them with a sincerity that tugs at the heartstrings.

The title itself, “Caught in a Triangle”, paints a clear picture of the emotional entanglement the song explores. The lyrics delve into the pain of loving someone who’s already in a relationship. Lines like “How do you think I feel / Well, I know your love’s not real / The girl I’m mad about is just a gadabout / How do you think I feel?” capture the frustration, jealousy, and sense of powerlessness that come with being the “other person” in a relationship.

“Caught in a Triangle’s” brilliance lies in its raw honesty. The song doesn’t shy away from portraying the darker side of love, the confusion and pain caused by unrequited affection and divided loyalties. The simple instrumentation, featuring a prominent bass line and a restrained guitar, creates a sense of intimacy, allowing the listener to connect with Elvis’s emotional vulnerability.

“Caught in a Triangle” offered a glimpse into a different side of Elvis. It proved that he wasn’t just a charismatic performer; he was a singer capable of expressing a range of emotions and delivering heartfelt ballads. The song resonated with young listeners who were experiencing the complexities of love for the first time, offering a relatable portrayal of the emotional turmoil and heartache caused by unrequited feelings and being caught in a love triangle.

So, put on your headphones and let the melancholic beauty of “Caught in a Triangle” by Elvis Presley wash over you. It’s a song that reminds us of Elvis’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level, and the enduring power of music to capture the complexities of love, even when it involves heartbreak and the sting of being caught in a tangled web of emotions.