About The Song

Remember those Sunday mornings, settling into the pews of your local church, the scent of hymnals and freshly brewed coffee filling the air? The power of gospel music, its ability to stir the soul and uplift the spirit, was a cornerstone of many a life in our generation. This sense of reverence and awe is beautifully captured in Elvis Presley’s rendition of “How Great Thou Art.”

Released in 1967 on his gospel album of the same name, “How Great Thou Art” marked a surprising turn for the King of Rock and Roll. Elvis, known for his electrifying stage presence and rockabilly swagger, took a heartfelt detour into the realm of sacred music. The result? A deeply moving performance that resonated with audiences of all faiths.

The song itself is a testament to the majesty of creation. The lyrics, originally a Swedish hymn, speak of the awe-inspiring power of God, evident in the vastness of the universe, the rolling thunder, and the twinkling stars. Elvis delivers these words with a sincerity that cuts through. His rich baritone voice soars and dips, conveying a profound sense of wonder and gratitude.

“How Great Thou Art” isn’t just a song of praise; it’s also a song of personal reflection. The chorus, “Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee, How great thou art” – expresses a deep sense of devotion and faith. It’s a moment of quiet contemplation, a recognition of the divine amidst the beauty and complexities of life.

Elvis’s embrace of gospel music wasn’t a mere marketing ploy. Raised in a Pentecostal family, faith was a significant part of his life. This authenticity shines through in his performance, making “How Great Thou Art” all the more powerful. The song transcended genres and generations, becoming a cherished piece for those who grew up with Elvis and a testament to the enduring power of gospel music. So, sit back, close your eyes, and let Elvis Presley’s “How Great Thou Art” transport you to a place of peace, reflection, and the simple joy of praising something greater than ourselves.