About The Song

Elvis. The name still conjures up memories of youthful rebellion, electrifying performances, and a voice that could soothe or send shivers down your spine. Today, we revisit one of his lesser-known gems, a song that showcases a different side of the King: I Beg of You.

Released in 1958, I Beg of You arrived at a turning point in Presley’s career. The raw energy of his early hits had established him as a rock and roll pioneer, but whispers of maturing tastes and a desire for artistic growth were starting to be heard. I Beg of You reflects this evolution.

This isn’t a song about teenage rebellion or playful flirtation. Here, Elvis is a man deeply in love, pleading with his sweetheart to treat his heart with care. The lyrics, penned by Rose Marie McCoy and Kelly Owens, are simple yet powerful. Lines like “I don’t want my heart to be broken, ’cause it’s the only one I’ve got” resonate with anyone who’s ever known the vulnerability of love.

I Beg of You isn’t a ballad in the traditional sense. It maintains a steady tempo, driven by a classic rock and roll beat. But Elvis’s delivery is what truly elevates the song. He imbues the lyrics with a heartfelt sincerity, his voice dropping to a tender whisper at times and then soaring with a touch of desperation. The backing vocals by the Jordanaires, a staple of Elvis’s early recordings, add a layer of gospel-tinged harmony that perfectly complements the emotional core of the song.

Though not one of his biggest hits, peaking at number 8 on the Billboard charts, I Beg of You has endured as a fan favorite. It showcases a side of Elvis that some may not be as familiar with – a man vulnerable, pleading for love, and singing with a depth of emotion that transcends generations. So, put on your blue suede shoes, crank up the volume, and let the King serenade you with a song that reminds us all of the delicate dance we do when we open our hearts to love