About The Song

Elvis Presley. The name itself conjures up images of electrifying performances, swiveling hips, and a voice that could melt hearts. But beyond the rock and roll persona, Elvis also knew how to deliver a playful wink and a charming smile, all while keeping his music toe-tapping and irresistible. This is exactly what we find in his 1958 hit, “I Got Stung”.

Released as a B-side to the ballad “One Night,” “I Got Stung” quickly stole the show, becoming a surprise chart-topper in the UK. It’s a short and sweet number, clocking in at under two minutes, but within that short time frame, Elvis packs a punch of playful energy and a touch of goofy charm.

Written by Aaron Schroeder and David Hill, the song takes a lighthearted approach to the age-old theme of love’s sting. Forget about the grand pronouncements and dramatic heartbreak of other love songs. Here, Elvis is a man struck by Cupid’s arrow, but in the form of a “sweet honey bee”. The lyrics are full of playful imagery, with the bee’s sting working its way from his eyes to his head and finally, “to my heart till I was stung dead.” Don’t worry, Elvis fans, this isn’t a morbid tale. The “dead” here is a playful exaggeration, a way of expressing the overwhelming feeling of being smitten.

“I Got Stung” isn’t just about the initial sting, though. The song takes a delightful turn when Elvis declares, “Now, don’t think I’m complainin’.” This bee, you see, isn’t just any bee. It’s the bee of a special someone, and the sting, a metaphor for love’s sweet pain, is something he wouldn’t trade for anything. In fact, he’s ready to become a permanent fixture around her metaphorical hive, buzzing by “every day at five” and never leaving.

“I Got Stung” is a perfect example of Elvis’ early rock and roll style. It’s upbeat and catchy, with a driving rhythm section and Elvis’ signature rapid-fire vocals. The Jordanaires, Elvis’ backing group, add their smooth harmonies, creating a well-rounded and polished sound. But what truly elevates the song is Elvis’ playful delivery. He leans into the silliness of the lyrics, injecting humor and a touch of self-deprecation that makes the song all the more endearing.

So, the next time you hear the opening line, “Holy smoke! A land sakes alive!” remember, it’s not just a catchy hook. It’s an invitation to a world of playful romance, a world where even getting stung by love can be a delightful experience.