About The Song

Remember those carefree beach days, the sound of waves crashing against the shore, and the aroma of a delicious barbecue? Elvis Presley’sIsland Feast (Ito Eats)” transports you right back to that idyllic setting with a lighthearted and playful song that perfectly captures the laid-back island vibes. While not a typical Elvis anthem, it offers a glimpse into his versatility and his ability to deliver a fun, feel-good tune.

Featured in the 1961 film Blue Hawaii, “Island Feast (Ito Eats)” is a novelty song that stands out from the rest of the soundtrack. It’s a lighthearted ode to a character named Ito, whose seemingly endless appetite becomes the humorous centerpiece. The lyrics, though simple, are delivered with a playful wink, painting a picture of a carefree gathering where food and laughter flow freely. Lines like “Ito eats, he eats a lot” and “He eats fast, he eats slow” are catchy and humorous, perfectly suited for the film’s lighthearted atmosphere.

Elvis embraces the playful spirit of the song, infusing his vocals with a touch of humor and a relaxed charm. The backing vocals by The Jordanaires and The Surfers add to the festive mood, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared enjoyment. Musically, the song is a delightful blend of Hawaiian influences and playful melodies. The ukulele strumming sets the island vibe, while the gentle guitar work and rhythmic percussion create a carefree atmosphere. There are no elaborate arrangements or dramatic vocals here. “Island Feast (Ito Eats)” is all about simple pleasures, good company, and the joy of celebrating life with a full stomach.

While not a chart-topping hit, “Island Feast (Ito Eats)” holds a special place in the hearts of Elvis Presley fans. It’s a reminder of his ability to step outside the rock and roll persona and embrace a lighter, more playful side. So, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and let Elvis transport you to a sun-drenched Hawaiian beach with his infectious rendition of “Island Feast (Ito Eats)“.