About The Song

We all remember the early days of rock and roll. The electrifying energy, the rebellious spirit, the way it sent shivers down our spines and a tap to our toes. Elvis Presley, the undisputed king of this new genre, embodied all of that. But Elvis was more than just a rockin’ rebel. His music explored a wide range of styles, and hidden amongst the energetic hits lies a tender gem – “Just Because.”

Released in 1956, “Just Because” arrived amidst a flurry of Elvis’s early rock and roll hits. However, this song struck a different chord. It’s a sweet and simple ballad, a love song that spoke of devotion and unwavering affection. Elvis’s voice, stripped of its usual rock and roll snarl, takes on a softer, more intimate tone. He croons about a love that transcends reason, a love that simply “is” – “I love you ’cause you’re you”.

The lyrics of “Just Because” are straightforward yet powerful. They celebrate the simple joys of companionship, of having someone who understands and supports you no matter what. Elvis sings of a love that endures criticism and gossip, a love that finds solace in the other person’s presence. It’s a sentiment that resonates deeply, a reminder of the importance of love and acceptance in our lives.

“Just Because” holds a special place in the hearts of many who grew up with Elvis. It offered a glimpse into a different side of the King, a side that was vulnerable, romantic, and deeply sincere. This softer Elvis wasn’t a bad boy; he was simply a young man in love, expressing his feelings in a way that transcended generation and musical style.

The song’s enduring charm lies in its honesty and simplicity. It reminds us that love, at its core, is often about the little things, the unwavering support, and the deep connection with another person. So, put on Elvis Presley’s “Just Because”, let the sweet melody wash over you, and remember the power of love that simply exists – “just because”.