About The Song

Ah, Love Me Tender, a song that takes us right back to those simpler times, doesn’t it? Released in 1956 by the one and only Elvis Presley, this ballad became an instant classic, topping the charts and capturing the hearts of a generation. But Love Me Tender is more than just a catchy tune. It’s a cultural touchstone, a song that reflects the changing tides of American music and the rising star power of a young Elvis.

Remember the mid-1950s? Rock and roll was still a rebellious teenager, shaking its hips and challenging the established order. Elvis, with his electrifying performances and undeniable charisma, was at the forefront of this musical revolution. But Love Me Tender took a softer approach. Here, Elvis wasn’t the pelvis-thrusting rocker; he was a crooner, his voice smooth and gentle as he delivered a heartfelt plea for love.

The song itself has an interesting history. The melody borrowed heavily from the Civil War ballad Aura Lea, a familiar tune to many Americans. The lyrics, credited to Vera Matson (though some say her husband, Ken Darby, was the true writer), were penned specifically for the film of the same name, a Civil War drama starring the young Elvis.

There was even a bit of controversy surrounding the song. Some radio stations, worried about the suggestive nature of rock and roll, initially refused to play it. But the public loved it. The record sales soared, and Love Me Tender became a cultural phenomenon. It showed that Elvis, despite his rock and roll swagger, could also deliver a powerful and beautiful ballad.

Love Me Tender transcended generations. Parents who may have disapproved of Elvis’s more energetic music found themselves swaying to this gentler side. Teenagers saw a different side of their idol, a side that was vulnerable and romantic. The song became a symbol of hope and devotion, a perfect soundtrack for those first loves and whispered promises.

So, the next time you hear those opening chords of Love Me Tender, take a moment to reminisce. Let it transport you back to a simpler time, a time of bobby socks and poodle skirts, a time when a young Elvis Presley crooned his way into our hearts with a song that promised nothing more, and nothing less, than love, tender and true.