About The Song

Remember those lazy summer evenings, sitting on the porch swing with a glass of sweet tea, listening to good ol’ country music? Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, wasn’t just about electrifying performances and hip-swiveling moves. He also possessed a deep appreciation for his Southern roots, a love for country music that shone through in some of his lesser-known gems. Today, we delve into a song that captures this down-home charm – “Polk Salad Annie”.

Released in 1970 on his live album “Live in Las Vegas”, “Polk Salad Annie” stands out for its departure from the rock and roll sound that dominated much of his career. Instead, the song embraces a laid-back, country atmosphere, reminiscent of Elvis’ childhood spent in Mississippi. The driving rhythm section, featuring a prominent bass line and steady drums, creates a foot-tapping groove, perfect for a relaxed evening on the porch.

The lyrics of “Polk Salad Annie” paint a vivid picture of rural Southern life. They tell the story of a poor but resilient family, with Annie, the resourceful matriarch, foraging for wild greens – “polk salad” – to feed her family. Lines like “She’d go down by the truck patch/And pick her a mess of Polk salad” create a scene of self-reliance and resourcefulness in the face of hardship.

“Polk Salad Annie” isn’t just about food or poverty; it’s a celebration of family and community. The song highlights the simple pleasures of life – a family dinner, a shared meal enjoyed together. Elvis’ energetic vocals, delivered with a touch of humor, breathe life into the story, making the characters relatable and endearing.

While not a chart-topping hit, “Polk Salad Annie” holds a special place in the hearts of many Elvis fans. It’s a reminder of his versatility as a performer, his ability to seamlessly transition from rock and roll anthems to heartfelt country ballads. The song also offers a glimpse into his Southern upbringing, the cultural influences that shaped his musical identity.

So, crank up the volume, grab a glass of sweet tea, and let Elvis Presley’s “Polk Salad Annie” transport you to a simpler time. It’s a song that celebrates the warmth of family, the resilience of the human spirit, and the simple pleasures found in everyday life.