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About The Song

Remember those bittersweet goodbyes, the ones tinged with lingering affection and a touch of uncertainty? Elvis Presley’s “Memories in Moonlight (What Now My Love)” captures that melancholic feeling perfectly. This lesser-known gem from his later career showcases Elvis’s versatility as a vocalist, delivering a heartfelt farewell that resonates with anyone who’s ever loved and lost.

Released in 1972 on the album Elvis Now, “Memories in Moonlight (What Now My Love)” stands out from Elvis’s more upbeat recordings. It’s a melancholic ballad, a poignant reflection on a love that’s come to an end. The song itself is a cover of a French composition, but Elvis makes it his own, infusing it with a depth of emotion that transcends language barriers.

The lyrics paint a picture of a love story reaching its inevitable conclusion. The narrator reminisces about shared memories under the “moonlight”, questioning the future without their love. Lines like “What will become of me? What will become of you?” showcase the uncertainty and a touch of desperation in the face of separation. Elvis delivers these lyrics with a raw vulnerability, his voice cracking slightly at times, perfectly capturing the emotional weight of the goodbye.

Musically, the song complements the lyrics beautifully. A gentle piano melody lays the foundation, punctuated by the warm tones of strings and the soft rhythm of a bass and drums. There are no flashy guitar solos or driving beats here. “Memories in Moonlight (What Now My Love)” is all about the emotional weight of the message and the raw power of Elvis’s voice.

“Memories in Moonlight (What Now My Love)” might not be a chart-topping hit, but it’s a song that showcases Elvis Presley’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level. It reminds us that the King of Rock and Roll could also be a master of expressing heartache and loss, a sentiment that resonates across generations. So, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and let Elvis transport you to a world of bittersweet goodbyes with “Memories in Moonlight (What Now My Love)”.