About The Song

Cast your mind back to the electrifying early days of rock and roll. The 1950s, a time of youthful rebellion, booming record sales, and the rise of a young Elvis Presley. The King of rock and roll wasn’t just a charismatic performer; he was a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences with his swagger, his voice, and his undeniable stage presence. “What’s She Really Like”, a lesser-known gem from his 1960 film G.I. Blues, showcases another side of Elvis Presley. This playful ballad, recently remastered in 2024, offers a glimpse into Elvis’s charm and his ability to deliver a tender love song with a touch of his signature charisma.

“What’s She Really Like” stands out from Elvis Presley’s usual rock and roll anthems. Unlike his high-octane hits that set dance floors ablaze, this song is a gentle ballad built on a bed of acoustic guitar and a soft drumbeat. Elvis’s vocals are smooth and sincere, conveying a playful curiosity about a mysterious woman. The song feels like a casual conversation with a friend, a lighthearted exploration of youthful infatuation.

The lyrics themselves are a tapestry of innocent questions and playful speculation. Lines like “Does she laugh a lot, does she cry a lot” and “What’s she really like, is she all that I see” paint a picture of a young man smitten with a girl but unsure of her true nature. “What’s She Really Like” captures the relatable insecurities and curiosities of young love, a theme that transcends generations.

The 2024 remaster of “What’s She Really Like” breathes new life into this classic song. Modern audio technology enhances the clarity of the vocals and instrumentation, allowing listeners to appreciate the subtleties of Elvis’s performance and the nuanced layers of the song’s arrangement.

“What’s She Really Like” may not be one of Elvis Presley’s biggest hits, but it remains a captivating listen. The gentle melody, Elvis’s smooth vocals, and the relatable theme of young love create a charming and timeless experience. So, put on your headphones and let the remastered version of “What’s She Really Like” transport you back to a simpler time. Savor the youthful energy, the playful lyrics, and the enduring appeal of The King. It’s a reminder that even Elvis Presley, the undisputed king of rock and roll, could deliver a sweet and sentimental ballad that continues to resonate with listeners of all ages.